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Monday, January 16, 2012

Unboxing the AFV Club Centurion Mk 5

I got the AFV Club Centurion Mk 5 as one of the costly kits in my collection, and to do something different. I've done tanks before, but this is my first AFV Club kit and my first Centurion, which I've always wanted to do.

Some history: The Centurion started out as a 40-ton tank project capable of withstanding the dreaded German 88 mm gun. The result exceeded 40 tons, so this limit was dropped, and the result was the A41 Cruiser tank, later renamed the Centurion. Originally intended to carry the 17-pounder gun, this British product was later given the 20-pounder gun (I was actually looking for the 105 mm NATO version). It came out just as World War II ended, but was able to see action in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and some wars Israel fought with its neighbors. It went through numerous modifications and has a lot of versions, though it is no longer in service today.

Upon opening the box, I see green sprues, hinting to a lot more parts than with most other kits, with some photo-etched parts (a brass sheet cut out into some detail parts), vinyl tracks and a turned aluminum gun barrel (AFV Club was one of the first to come out with this). Another nifty feature is that the tires for the roadwheels are separate and already painted black.

The instruction sheet is just in black in white, as usual with military plastic kits. It has the customary history of the tank, which I summarized above, as well as the assembly and painting instructions. The illustrations are clear and the

Thing is, I wonder how long it'll take before I finish this kit, hehehe. But that's for another day.

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