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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spiral Zone

Let me go back to one of my old obsessions: 80s cartoons and toys.

One of the most fascinating for me was Spiral Zone. It had one of the most interesting concepts for a sci-fi action show. One of these concepts was the costume I most like: powered combat suits. I especially liked the backpacks which had various weapons like a grenade launcher, grappler, one-wheeled foot motorcycle, and remote controlled missile-launching mini-drone.

There was a range of nicely armored toy figures, but I never got any.

Now why do I think Max's helmet here looks like Walker Gallia?

Not to mention a kickass opening theme:

It had a great assortment of vehicles, which were weird looking. Check out Commander Dirk Courage's Rimfire, a big wheel with a trough cannon on top.

Let's end with Overlord's funny red mustache:

Wanna know more about the "Earth's most powerful soldiers?" Check out this site.

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