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Thursday, May 24, 2012

GI Joe Steel Brigade Trooper

As a toy collector, I never could put down the famous GI Joe action figure. It was a staple of my life as an 80s kid. Thus, it was a delight when the line was re-released, but this time as more articulated, more accurately detailed figures.

I have a lot of these recently released figures, but a recent haul that I especially like is the GI Joe Steel Brigade trooper.

The Steel Brigade Trooper used to be offered as a special mail order figure. Instead of having an identity already, the file card was blank, allowing the lucky owner to write in his own biography. I also liked the futuristic look of the helmet, with the cold, visored appearance.

Here's how the old figure looked, compared to its descendant.

The newer figure has a rifle, a machine gun with tripod, a bazooka, a backpack with rocket ammo, another backpack with a shovel, and a stand. Basically, it's outfitted like a Gundam. Cool.

The smaller GI Joe figures have come a long way since their introduction in the 1980s.

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