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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

GI Joe: Skydive

Since I've started collecting GI Joes again, let me show one of my current favorites. Skydive from the Pursuit of Cobra line is one of my more recent hauls. And one of my current faves.

I have to comment on how GI Joes have evolved over the years. Not only has the articulation and sculpting improved, but the general looks and concepts behind the figure designs are a lot better than before. I especially like those with the sci-fi look, such as the Steel Brigade trooper helmet. In this sense, GI Joe figures are more than mere toys. They are works of art.

I believe Skydive is a retcon of the famous trooper known as Ripcord. Or Airborne. Well, whichever. He's still the Joe's skydive trooper.

Let me use some pictures from the quitessential Yo Joe and Generals Joes sites to show what's in it.

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