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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kamen Rider Kabuto Looks

As I said before, I like the Japanese aesthetic for some costumes. They have mastered the mechanization of the human form. But they do it without making the human into a cyborg or robot. The human just wears the costume, but he already becomes a machine by doing so. Sort of like Iron Man, but without the antiquated face-plate design.

Let's look at another great looking hero: Kamen Rider Kabuto.

The TV series of this character aired in Japan in 2006. It was the first kamen rider series to be aired in high definition (which was cool to watch, especially with the Clock Up effect).

I'm looking at his Rider or Unmasked form, since he has other forms. In this form, he has a front horn like a rhinoceros beetle. What I really like is this chestplate. It has the breasts of well-formed muscle, but the abdomen plates are like the wings of a beetle. Plus, it has a metallic appearance. It really looks good.

Look at that. Plating in all the right places and even the fabric part is well-textured. Pics are of a Medicom RAH figure.

Kabuto is one of my favorites in Japanese costume design, though Ryugunou remains the king for me.

I used to have a vinyl figure of this, but damn, it's lost. Hope to get a new one.

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