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Monday, June 22, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road: The Center of Fury

Speaking of Fury (from Kung Fury), there's the recent Mad Max movie that people have been raving about, saying that it's one of the best action flicks ever seen.

There recently was this article that explained why it may have been so. Center-framing was one aspect. It made the action easy to follow and less messy. It would become a more palatable digital feature than so many elements over the screen that draw your attention, while the center shows nothing in it. Maybe Michael Bay could take a hint.

Of course, it's a Mad Max film, and perhaps that kind of story is interesting by itself. Post-apocalyptic future where oil and gas have run out, civilization has collapsed, gangs make modified battle cars, and all. The quotes from Mad Max Fury Road seem to be a bit philosophical compared to previous films. But hey, these days, even action flicks tend to shoehorn some philosophy in them.

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