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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All A-fire over Warship Battle

Having a smartphone sure changed my routine. As I expected, the games I'd find would get me somewhat addicted and so engrossed. First that got me engrossed was this gem of a game, Gunship Battle.

Then the maker Joycity followed up with its naval version, Warship Battle.

Both are pretty exciting games. Controls are easy, graphics are great, and gameplay is really engrossing. But of the two, Warship Battle gets more attention because of the Daily Quests, or tasks, feature that was introduced in mid-2016.

I got pretty excited over the free ships that were given during a certain Attendance feature offered later into the game. From it, I have:

Hood Safeguard

Scharnhorst Mad

Bismarck Arrow

Yamato Supreme

There are lots of ships, spanning World War 2 to some Cold War ships, and more get added. It'll keep me really busy for a while. I'll have to do something though to get back to my scale modeling.

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