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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Design Review: Halo soldiers

Getting to the meat of this blog, I take a look at one popular icon in computer gaming - the armored Master Chief from the Halo games series.

My old "Wedge" article actually concerns my interest in armor designs. While this design isn't exactly "wedgy," it's actually one of the most interesting and attractive designs I've ever seen. I've always been fond of aesthetically pleasing costume designs, and armor is always the most attractive.

Master Chief's armor design is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing in all of the armor world. It's got sufficient bulk to hint muscle, but it also has the plating, curves and shapes that indicate the guy is a machine in combat. The faceless visor has always been interesting, since it adds an air of mystery  and menace to the character. And the helmet has its wedgy brow - that's what attracted me to it.

But let me include Carter as well. His armor rocks from the beginning as well. If only he stops covering the details of his armor with his equipment harness. But anyway, it looks good.

While I do think the Halo armor aesthetic could be improved, as it is, it's fantastic and just a chock full of eye candy.

Armor Rules!

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