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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Design Review: Magna Ryugunou

Perhaps I should focus on what I consider my favorite armor design of all time in heroic costume - Magna Ryugunou from the 2005 Japanese TV series Ryukendo.

Magna Ryugunou is actually the second version of the armor used by the character, Juushirou Fudou, after his first armor was destroyed. Actually, the first armor doesn't look bad either.

As you may see, the theme of this design is a dragon head as part of the helmet and other parts of the suit, with all other designs following a sort of fusion between modern technology and ancient jeweled designs. All in all, it's a good combination of a streamlined look with a heavily armored feel, especially on the chest plate.

My only disappointment is that other parts of the body, such as the thighs, loin and forearms, are only covered by spandex, and thus earlier metal hero designs, like Jiban and Janperson, come out as more heavily armored. But the overall effect compensates for this, and Magna Ryugunou remains my most favorite tokusatsu and superhero costume of all time.

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