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Friday, January 6, 2012


Another one of my interests is comics, which of course involves superheroes. And along with the superheroes, are the eye candy for men... superheroines.

Femforce is perhaps the first all-female superhero group in comics that just doesn't rehash already existing heroines and repacks them into a team. It was an all-female team from the start.

I mail-ordered the Origins trade paperback more than a decade ago (only to find it a free web comic later on, oh well), as wellas a couple of issues. Copies of this title barely reach the Philippines, they still have to be mail-ordered. Still, it's something worth reading in print, especially when the computer is off.

And they are still eye candy, some good references for making one's own superheroines.

Here's the Femforce leader, the stereotypical flag wearer, Miss Victory:

Next is the group's resident cat-girl (which would make for a classic neko girl in anime), the sultry and somewhat Wolverine-like She-Cat:

Another stereotypical character, a sort of bimbo, in the form of energy construct-generating Synn:

An alien who is trying to adjust to earth culture, Stardust. She's also the energy-blast member:

The giant-girl, Tara, who also has a military feel to her costume:

And the sorceress supreme who started out as a Phantom Girl copy, Nightveil:

There are other interesting characters who occasionally team-up with Femforce, like Golden Age revival Miss Masque:

Another flag carrier, Yankee Girl:

Electricity user, Rayda:

A flier with an insect theme, Dragonfly:

And a Zorro-like weapons expert, Colt:

They may be a far cry from Wonder Woman or Supergirl, but I like the variety among these sexy ladies of superheroine-dom.

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