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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

GI Joe Montage

There are several posters of GI Joe products which are pretty good, but I like this one best because of its movie-poster style montagery:

What I like about this montage is that collects several highlights of the concurrent toy line in a sort of movie poster. A sort-of capsule of the whole story.

The customary American flag is in the background, with the the heads of Gung Ho, Falcon and Fast Draw first taking attention (Fast Draw is a figure I wanted but never got!), flanked by a Cobra Stiletto. The Defiant space shuttle of course is the star of the show. Outlined in its fiery trail are (right to left) Law and Order, Outback, Crazy Legs and Psyche Out walking on the GI Joe logo. A Cobra Battle Pogo unit bounces above them. Cobra units complete the poster at the lower left, with a Mamba chopper, Croc Master and a Buzz Boar fronting the smoke. Oh, and I don't know what mountain that is in the crosshairs below Fast Draw.

I wish movie posters would return to this style of imagery.

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