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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Cliffjumpers

A few months ago, when I still had funds for buying toys and models, I was able to get these three versions of an iconic, but lesser known Transformers character, Cliffjumper:

Back in the original cartoon, Cliffjumper was more like Bumblebee's "twin." They had the same basic design, although Cliffjumper was more of a sleeker compact car. And he had an impulsive personality to go with his name. For example, during a spying mission with Hound, he drew a bazooka out of nowhere and fired on Megatron in an attempt to take him down.

The three figures above are from the modern incarnation with his vehicle mode as a Dodge Charger from the 60s. On the left is the Robots in Disguise mode which I got as part of the Japanese Arms Micron version (with transformable "targetmaster" weapons), and the other two are First Edition versions, the middle one representing zombified Cliff (watch Transformers Prime to know why), and the Generations Cliffjumper to the right, with the Pharaoh-like helmet and little horns (I never understood why he and Bumblebee had horns, but that's for the Japanese designer of the original toy line to explain).

I like the new design. As said somewhere else, the Charger car mode fits him, and the way he looks is a lot leaner and meaner. I like the FE mold better, although after a while, a hinge for the hood for the zombie Cliff broke, meaning the plastic quality wasn't all that good. Well, at least that thing broken is for the back, so it won't be seen in robot mode. But it's actually the part of the hood with the horns are. Anyhow, the modern toy is a good design, and I like it.

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