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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Armor Ideas that Influenced Me

As an artist who grew up in the 1980s, I did pick influences on costume designs from the movies and TV series of the time. Being fond of armor, I will list some specific armored and alien looks which fascinated me at the time, and influenced my way of looking at costumes.

First is this guy from the 1986 movie the Wraith:

The wearer was actually Charlie Sheen's character who had come back from the dead to avenge himself on a car gang who killed him. The star of the show is actually the Dodge M4S car which was used to kill the gang (This led to a retitling of the movie as Black Moon Rising 2). However, the driver's suit struck me more. It was futuristic, for lack of a more appropriate term, and menacing as well. It had all the looks of a modern cyborg assassin.

The next one is from the TV series Super Force:

Yet another piece of powered armor, that actually didn't look like much, but it was still an interesting suit.

The next one is from the series Hard Time on Planet Earth, a series that starred Karate Kid antagonist Martin Kove.

I wished I could see more of this alien form of Jesse, but it barely appeared again. So I later on stopped watching the series. Yet this alien form lingered strongly on my mind, it echoed "badass" all the way.

Of course, we can't forget Shaider and the rest of the space sheriffs and metal heroes.

Another influence is Captain Future, whose lens-on-the-chest really formed my idea of how spaceman armor should look like. Not a full suit of armor, but it still looked pretty good to me.

Speaking of a Captain, and the Eighties, let's not forget Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future:

There are more I might have forgotten. I'll look for them another time. Meanwhile, let's review some of the more recent favorites I had discussed in this blog.

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Kamen Rider Accel

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