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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wonder Woman back in the day

I'm back after a long time of non-posts.

Now for a visual commentary on comics. After setting up my account on Comixology and discovering some free comics, I was able to find a classic issue of the aptly named Sensation Comics number 1, featuring the second story of Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston. In this story, Wonder Woman makes her first visit to a big city.

We're so used to Wonder Woman going around dressed in little more than a swimsuit. But not when she first stepped foot in the U.S. of A:

A then-naive Diana of Themiscyra sauntering around male-dominated society and gets called a hussy. It's apparent that society back then was a lot more prudish. And note, Wonder Woman's first costume wasn't a swimsuit, it was more like a mini-dress. DC later made it into a swimsuit-type costume, replacing the mini-skirt bottom with a panty.

Well, guess that goes to show how things change.

And I wonder if Wonder Woman did buy from that store afterwards.

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