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Monday, December 9, 2013

David Finch Art

I seem to like the art of David Finch, especially when he draws women. I got this combined issue of the Dark Knight 6 and 7 (after the DC reboot) in a used bookshop. The artwork is quite appealing.

Just see for yourself:

Above are (1st pic) Poison Ivy, Batman's old enemy, and (2nd) Jaina Hudson with White Rabbit (a bit of a spoiler here).

Some say one way to rate the skill of an artist (well, a comic book artist) is how pretty they draw women. Perhaps it's pretty straightforward, and artists can draw beautiful women when they want to. And it depends on the audience too; I, for one, am male. But certainly there are some artists whose women do not look good. Perhaps it depends on what one expects in a style of art and how its women are to be drawn. But certainly, I like David Finch's style.

And don't get me wrong, he draws the men pretty nicely too.

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