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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Look at the Oldest Universities

Some studes (students, studs maybe) would like to boast on how old their university is. My university is older than yours, so it's more established, blah blah. Your grandfather has nothing on my grandfather. Yada yada. Anyway, what's more interesting is looking at the Universities themselves. So in line with my Ranker tie-up currently about colleges, here's something on the oldest Universities in the United States.

First is Harvard University, considered the oldest of all, and very well known. It's so well-known, you'll find t-shirts with Harvard's logo as far as Japan and Vietnam - even if the wearer has nothing to do with the school.

Next is the College of William and Mary. I don't know yet who William and Mary are yet, but I'll find out after some research. But you can see the building here, it sure looks like a castle of the late Renaissance. These kind of buildings are pretty amazing when you get to see them. This specifically looks Georgian.

Third is St. John's College. Of call the things St. John-related, this is one of the school things. But the same with the others, one look at the building, and you thought you've gone into another time. Sometimes, you wonder if it's actually St. George college, with the moat and the dragon (wait, is there a real St. George's?).

So these are the first three in the list. Look at more in the list and peruse their pictures on the Internet when you get that chance. It's pretty interesting to look at some archaic architecture that lasted until today, and stands in contrast to today's modern minimalist tendencies.

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