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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Collecting Art Books

As an artist (well, a wannabe one), I still like to have book about the craft to help me along my way with many tips and lessons. In due time, though, since I'm a voracious reader, I tend to have more books than I need. Then I recall, I'm actually a book collector as well a a toy and model collector. So I ended up getting a ton of how-to-draw books which I read especially when on the bathroom throne.

Here are among the latest books I bought, mostly from Book Sale in Cubao, at prices ranging from P320 to P620.

Here's another set bought from various places, the two Christoper Hart and the Iain Bank books at ful price. Bookay-Ukay in Maginhawa Street also yielded the How to Draw Manga Bishoujo book.

By now I'm alarmed at how much I spend for books. While I'm not in a hurry to buy a smartphone, I realize by now that maybe I should save a bit more for other things. I admit, it's hard to resist buying a good book when I see one. But for now, I'll enjoy what I have. And keep drawing.

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