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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More on Universities: The Biggest

To continue the theme from the last blog post, I now have something for other American universities, namely the biggest universities in the world. Yes, it's another special. But this one is still interesting nonetheless.

First we have Indira Gandhi National Open University in India.

Next, we have Alama Iqbal Open University in Pakistan.

Third example is Anadolu University in Turkey.

Some people would wonder, why should universities be so big? I would say it is because universities are communities in themselves. Bigger sizes might mean greater opportunities to learn certain things. For example, larger school grounds may have more gardens and even forests that preserve at least some the natural state of the ecosystem before humans dominated it. Larger ground gives more area to move around and learn fit many things in. More room to reflect, more room for being solitary. But it also means more ground protected against urban sprawl - provided that is the purpose of the land.

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