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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meteor Man the Movie

Well, I'm not too keen on movies, but I admit, they are a good source of visual treats. I need to do something about black movies, which Ranker has a list of, so I'll go on and comment about one black movie that seems visually interesting: Meteor Man.

It stars Robert Townsend as a mild-mannered schoolteacher who gets Superman-like powers from a meteorite. He uses his powers to fight crime in his neighborhood, which is dominated by gang dynamics.

Of course, this movie is obviously blaxpoitation, like Shaft, Undercover Brother and Blacula. Of course, there are some guest cameos by a few white people, including Heart's Nancy Wilson. But notable is his costume, which makes up look all buff and brawn, when he actually has a lanky frame. I guess that's the aesthetics of 1990s costumes: make artificial muscles on your costume. It could make good cushioning.

I haven't watched the movie, but I might do so soon.

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