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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Growing... Mechanical

This time, it's about something heard rather than seen, a piece of music. But it's as artful and anything visual. In fact, I'd consider this among the most artful music works of all time.

Although many have blogged about this, this thing is so good that it just has to go "viral" again.

This song Mechanical is one of the most interesting forgotten classics of its time. It was by the Quarks, a duo composed of Rod Bowkett and Martin Ansell, releasing only two songs under this name in 1981. They later went on to form President President, and again released few songs until they went their separate ways. I got introduced (or reintroduced, I can't remember this from way back) to this song in an 80s New Wave group in Facebook (and so Facebook proves useful for something after all, hehe).

Mechanical has obvious synthesizer sounds and the unmistakable one of a theremin, which really fits this style this song is evoking - the "technological 80s." It's in a beat I really enjoy, without much of the syncopation that mars today's music. Its electronic melody is good enough to challenge Kraftwerk's or any other electronic bands' anytime. Undoubtedly a great listen, undoubtedly beautiful, this song has become my current most favorite song of all time.

Lyrics found here.

Indeed, this song (and similar) is the reason the Internet exists.

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